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Find Software which interacts with Exchange or Outlook.

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Find some programs which makes your life with Messaging easier.

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Outlook AddIns

Exchange AddOn ExMixedFolders

Synchronize your Exchange folders with others.Synchronize your public folders with your mailbox in order to get it on the phone.

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Outlook synchronization tool, which helps to get your public folders onto your phone.

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With EEAttachments you can export all your Exchange attachments to the filesystem and process it. Also save the content of the messages into variables.

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Somebytes programs

Microsoft Exchange


  • 'Exchange synchronization'

    Exchange synchronization

    Synchronization of any Exchange folder with the local mailbox makes it easy to synchronize for e.g. public folders with your smartphone.

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This system service enables you to sync public folders on your Smartphone by synchronizing the Exchange contact, calendar or task folders with your local mailbox on your Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or any other device which is Exchange enabled.


  • 'export your attachments from Exchange'

    EEAttachments can save your Exchange attachments automatically to your file-system.

    EEAttachments is a system service for your Exchange Server which can export attachments from any of the attached folders of your mailbox. After the attachments are exported, the service starts your defined workflow.

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Microsoft Outlook


  • 'synchronize Outlook in order to have public folders on smartphones'

    Public folders in sync with your Smartphone!

    You want to synchronize your Smartphone with other Microsoft® Outlook® folders than default-folders?

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  • 'synchronize Outlook via mail'

    Synchronize your Outlook folders via mail.

    With this Outlook Add-In you can synchronize your Microsoft Outlook folders with anyone alse's.

    OLFolderSync works in the background through e-mail and can be password protected. OLFolderSync does not require a server.

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  • 'Outlook on desctop'

    Outlook on your Desktop.

    Cal4Desktop can show you your appointments and tasks from Outlook directly on your Desktop.

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  • Create content with Excel.

    ExcelFileGenSheet is an Exceltemplate which can generate textbased documents from template as well as AutoCAD dwg files from template.

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  • 'SNMP OPC Server'

    SNMP via OPC

    OPC NetListener a gateway to SNMP with OPC.

    The Netlistener OPC-Server is a convenient network watchdog for your SCADA. It provides status data on network devices through SNMP ICMP.

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Smartphone Apps

Android Apps

Windows Phone Apps