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You like to sync appointments after a specific date?

There is no such function in ExMixedFolders. But you can go as described below.

1.) Set the checkbox "sync only changes in the future" on the synchronizationtask. This means that all changes you do after the date you start the task will be synchronized.

ExMixedFolders only appointments in the future

2.) Now you have to change all the items you want to sync manually. For this please use the listview in Outlook.

3.) Sort by date and mark all items (after a specific date) you want to sync.

4.) Rightclick => categorize => "all categories". Now add a category to all items. ( it should be one that none of the items uses )

5.) Remove the category, it was only to make a change to the items.

Now ExMixedFolders will find these changes and makes a synchronization with the items.