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Public folders on your mobile

ExMixedFolders enables you to access public folders on your iPhone, Android or any other mobile device.

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Sync mailbox or public folder structure

Sync your public folder structure

ExMixedFolders can sync your public folder structure accross Exchange servers.

exchange migration

Exchange migration

Perform the synchronization or migration of Exchange mailboxes between Office 365 or on premise 2007 - 2013.

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Microsoft Exchange synchronization.


synchronize public folders with your mailbox Cross-Domain Cross-Forest

Synchronization of any Exchange folder with the local mailbox makes it easy to synchronize for example public folders with your smartphone like iPhone or Android.

This service enables you to synchronize calendars, contacts, tasks, emails and other default elements of the Exchange server.

ExMixedFolders is a system service for Exchange Server as of version 2007 SP1 which can synchronize folders within the Exchange server structure or it can synchronize folders, folderstructures or mailboxes with a second Exchange server. The user does not have any point of contact with the service. The service can be installed remotely, for example to access the Exchange online server or it can be installed directly on the Exchange server.

Examples of usage

  • Synchronization of public folders with folders in the personal mailbox
  • Synchronization of company contacts or global address lists
  • Synchronization of the main category list of mailboxes
  • Backup for Office 365 mailboxes or single folders
  • Synchronization of calendars or any other message folders into user mailboxes in order to be able to view and process these with your iPhone or Android.
  • Synchronization of folders from different Exchange Servers
  • Categories and colors can be synchronized between mailboxes
  • Works with Exchange Server, Office 365 and
  • Synchronization of complete user mailboxes
  • Synchronization of folders from Office 365 with the company Exchange
  • Migration of mailboxes between cloud and local Exchange or data between various cloud providers or Exchange versions
  • Cyclic import of csv or Excel files into Exchange folders of your choice

ExMixedFolders can assist you in following situations

Exchange public folder sync

Exchange public folder sync

Synchronization of public folders with local mailbox folders enables the user to synchronize public folders with smartphones, because Exchange Active Sync (EAS) can't sync it directly to the phone.

Synchronize Exchange between Cross-Forest Cross-Domain

Exchange sync across different servers

Synchronization of folders between two Exchange servers, for example synchronization of public folders between two companies with different domains. You can sync mailboxes between domains as well for example if somebody works for different companies. Also migration between domains is imaginable.

synchronize Exchange with Office365

Synchronization of Office 365 or other Exchange Online server contents

It would, for example, be possible to offer your clients the service from your own cloud in the form of a subscription service. Also there are sceneries imaginable where you migrate mailboxes from and to Exchange Online.

Gal Sync

Global Address List synchronization

In order to provide your users the ActiveDirectory contacs you are now able to create synctasks which can sync GAL into the mailboxes. You can select the address-lists from AD or you can filter the addresses by yourselves

ExMixedFolders Backup

Backup and restore Exchange folders

Since Exchange 2010, you can also use ExMixedFolders to back up any Exchangefolder or folder structure. If necessary, you can restore them in an empty folder.

CSV, Excel Exchange

Import from other data sources

If you need to import data from other databases by csv or Excel, the import-task from ExMixedFolders is the right one for it. You can point to a file which contains the contacts, appointments or tasks and every time this file is changing, the import to Exchange will start again to update the selected Exchange folder.


The software allows you to create multiple Exchange connections, so that the service has access to different Exchange servers, or mailboxes.

In order to build a connection between folders or even mailboxes you can build one or more service-connections. After you have successfully connected to your server, you can create synchronisationtasks which are dependent from the serviceconnections.



The software enables you to set up several Exchange connections. Thus, the service can access different Exchange servers or mailboxes.

Build folder pairs

Set up synchronization jobs, which create folder pairs. The folder pairs can be connected uni- or bidirectionally. A filter enables you to only synchronize elements of a certain category.

GAL Sync to your mailboxes

You can set up jobs which are able to sync global addresslists to your mailboxes in order to use it when you are offline with your phone.

Synchronization method

Choose the synchronization method that suits you best:

  • Unidirectional

    With the right arrow, all new and changed elements are transferred to the folder configured on the right; deleted elements are also deleted there. When additional elements are created on the right side, these are not taken into account. The left arrow has the same function, only in the opposite direction.

  • Bidirectional

    The double-arrow synchronizes both folders in such a way that changes are taken into account and processed on both sides.

  • Mirroring

    The red arrow has a similar effect to the green arrow, with the difference that the elements created, changed or deleted to the right are undone. Newly created elements on the right side are deleted.

Minimum system requirements:

Exchange Server 2007 SP1 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019 / Office365 and


Download ExMixedFolders

Download ExMixedFolders here. One mailbox is free.


Order Licenses to work with more than one mailbox:


On request you can order an enterprise license as well.

You will get:

  • License key via emaill
  • You can set up one Mailbox per license (first mailbox including it's public folders is free).
  • Lifelong free upgrades
  • Support via email / for free